Life Science Perspectives : A new era dawns – Economics Takes Centre Stage

Global issues are among the primary concerns of CEOs who run life sciences companies. Life Science CEOs express concern over three core areas: managing change, recruiting and retaining the right people as well as the need for major business model innovation.

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The transformative CMO : Three must-have competencies to meet the growing demands placed on marketing leaders

Chief Marketing Officers increasingly are taking on enterprise-wide transformation. Through interviews and research, Korn/Ferry has identified the three competencies most essential for success in this expanding role: Creating the New and Different, Focusing on Actions and Outcomes, and Inspiring Others.

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How To Choose An Executive Search Firm (Infographic)

Lessons from leaders in Southeast Asia

Spencer Stuart explores how industrial companies in Southeast Asia — with its patchwork of cultural and religious traditions, wide variety of political systems, diverse histories and multitude of languages — build effective multicultural organizations. Conversations with more than two dozen senior leaders based in the region revealed five key qualities that executives should possess to be effective in a multicultural environment and the strategies organizations can employ to promote these qualities in their executives.


Relocation: the Silent Killer

Your highly touted CFO candidate just declined your job offer.  Given the timing at this advanced stage, all other motivated candidates have moved on, leaving you with no back-ups.  Your stomach churns, you had vouched to the Board that this would come together.  Even worse, as news breaks to the team you literally see morale deflating.

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